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About Wholesale Deal Finder

Getting your first few deals is arguably one of the best feelings. But after all of your hard work and hours spent chasing people to contracts signed, communicating with interested parties, finding and qualifying new properties, sifting through comps, talking to dozens of people everyday, you’re p proud but exhausted from all of the busy work required.

Taking your business to the next level is going to require a new strategy.

We are operation specialists with over 10 years in corporate and private organizational consulting. After being contracted to develop systems for leading real estate investors, we noticed there was a HUGE gap in the REI industry: Investors are struggling to scale their businesses because they don’t have the foundation needed to scale beyond 10 ore more contracts weekly. 

With the help of modern technology, software, training, and operations management, new-age real estate investors can fully automate their business and take a hands-free approach that gives them the competitive edge needed to close more deals with significantly less effort.

How we help close the gaps business and kiss your manual process goodbye:

Implement a documented Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to keep everyone on the same page and make training new hires easy
Use premium automation software to provide an excellent customer experience for buyers and sellers
Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks that take up most of your day, including lead generation
Uses our WDF operations blueprint to close more deals with less effort
Leverage the power of an organized, virtual team trained to automate your system AND MUCH MORE!

We help real estate investors develop the internal systems needed to scale to grow their businesses.
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